Commercial Painting
Remaining on time, on budget, and minimizing disruption to your workflow are essential elements to every commercial painting and construction project. Harbour has large crews that will work around the clock, including nights and weekends, to meet all of your deadlines. Your dedicated project manager will supervise all work, maintain constant communication, provide you with prompt and reliable service, and ensure the job runs smoothly. With Harbour, the job’s not finished until you say it is!

Property Managers

Harbour Painting Maintenance Programs are the most efficient and cost effective way to maintain your property. Harbour will directly handle and provide immediate attention to all painting concerns.

Our maintenance programs are designed and customized to meet the unique situations of multi-family residences, commercial buildings and campuses, industrial parks, schools, and other facilities which require ongoing maintenance.

Participation in our Maintenance Program includes:

  • Customization - program will meet your needs and goals to maintain property value and appearance.
  • Monthly Inspections - a proactive approach to assess property conditions. We will identify areas of wear and damage and spot potential problems before they become major replacement issues.
  • Prioritization - all work items will be completed based on an assigned priority level and your operating budget to ensure optimal property appearance.
  • Database Management - Including inventory of all painted surfaces, schedule or work items (including their priority level, budget estimates, specifications, pictures and current conditions), and project reports showing work items completed, in progress, and pending. Your Harbour Representative will make all data available to you instantly via email or fax.
  • Reduced Rates - the efficiencies that Harbour gains by having on-site personnel allows us to offer reduced prices on additional projects.
  • 24 hour access to highly skilled professional painters.

Our crews work around the clock, including nights and weekends, to meet all your deadlines.